Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Dress, Two Ways - One for Work, One for Play

Yeah - I know, dumb title but it works and completely describes this post!! I love being able to transform one simple piece of clothing into different uses. Take this dress: Pumps + Blazer = Perfect for work..... Boots + Black Coat = Perfect for Play :-) Which way do you like best?? I love this dress!!!

I have so many exciting things planned for the blog this month including some exciting challenges!

Destination : Work (today worn as work look)

Inspiration Piece: Dress - Dillards

Add ons:
  • Pumps - Jessica Simpson
  • Boots - Dillards
  • Coat - Jessica Simpson
  • Blazer - Victoria Secret

There is a TON of pictures - Scroll all the way to see the dress both ways!!

Linking up with the The Pleated Poppy, Alison & Shanna!

The Dress - For Work


The Dress - For Play
This totally sums me up! Crazy and Goofy!! And yes that is my blazer on the GROUND - Aghhh!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Hope you have an amazing day!
 - Misty :-)


  1. Great photos! You look like you are having fun :) This dress is gorgeous. I love a good animal print outfit. Heather

  2. very cute, i can never pass up leopard, never! where did you take the photos-it's beautiful there.
    your newest follower from wiww :)
    stop by and visit sometime and have a great wednesday!! :)

  3. What an awesome dress! I love how the background of your photos compliments the color of your outfit. Thanks so much for linking up. Animal print is one of my faves.

    1. Thank you for hosting! I love doing these challenges!!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I love that dress. And what a pretty place for a photo shoot!

    A Devine Life

    1. Thank you Emily! It is such a beautiful spot!


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