Monday, April 22, 2013

Balancing Act

This blog is about finding the balance in life and sometimes we fail, Lord knows I do. Take this week – Completely forgot about my son’s doctors appointment on Tuesday for his 18 month checkup. I had to call Wednesday morning to beg for forgiveness and a new appointment and they graciously fit us in that afternoon.

Today, I just wanted to share some things that are happening in my life and things I love. All during my pregnany I couldn't wear heels. Ok - look... I LOVE SHOES. And for about 7 months I could only wear one pair of shoes. My feet wouldn't fit into anything else. Guah it was a terrible time. But i am happy to say that I can now wear my heels again and nothing makes me happier than to open this room and decide on a pair.

We turned Peyton’s crib into his “Big Boy” bed this weekend. I know there is a huge debate on whether or not a child should sleep with his parents, but Peyton has slept with me ever since he was about 6 months old. He has never slept in his crib, but his daddy and I (ok maybe more, well ALL his daddy) thinks he is old enough to sleep in his own bed, in his own room. Well look where his daddy snuck off to. Yep that’s right – he got up and went to sleep in the floor beside Peyton’s bed in case he woke up and got scared. And Alex says I am bad :-)

When I first started writing my blog, I immediately new I wanted to focus a big part of it on style. After the birth of my son, I fell into this “slump.” I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and I was not comfortable at all with my body. Shopping was pretty much just a depressing adventure so I would just throw on whatever. Well this only made me feel worse. I mean what you wear really does affect your mood and attitude. Finally I told myself that I want to be a mom that my son will be proud of and be the wife that my husband deserves and neither of those included depressed or slumpy. So I started putting extra effort into my wardrobe. It wasn’t easy I must say. I mean my body wasn’t one of those that just went back to the way it was pre-pregnancy; it completely changed. When it came to shopping, it was like I had to put the training wheels back on my bike and relearn to ride it. I had to completely revisit what worked on my body, different styles, shapes, fabrics, the whole nine yards. After I learned to dress this new body of mine, I kind of came to like it. No it isn’t perfect. I still have some baby weight to lose, I have stretch marks, and things definitely aren’t as “tight” as they used to be, but I am now finally ok with that. Why? Because now I realize that all of these changes to my body made it possible to bring my miracle baby into this world. Maybe I will tell you that story one day. I wanted to start my blog as a way to inspire other moms who may have felt the same way as I did. With a little effort we can get those training wheels back off and be on the fast track to a stylish life!

Don’t forget about the Inspired My Style Linkup Thursday, April 25. See more details on it here. I hope you come out and link up to let us know what inspires you!

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