Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skin Care - Turning 29 Makes You Think

Well today is my birthday and the start of the last year in my twenties. I am officially 29. This birthday is making me realize that I should probably be taking better care of my skin. I mean don't they say prevention is much easier than treatment? I really don't like heavy creams or to have a bunch of stuff on my face because it makes me feel "heavy" and like I am suffocating. I also don't want to spend a ton of money on skin care products. So, after a little research and trial and error I have come up with a skin care routine that I am going to try. I am going to be patient and give it a few week's before making any adjustments. I am so not a patient person, which is probably why I get so frustrate with skin care products. They need time to work, but I want them to work now. :-)

What skin care products do you use? Do you have any tips/suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated!

Clinique Serum
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum is amazing. It can go under your eyes so it is awesome for multi-tasking. It also saves money because I don't have to purchase a separate day eye cream. I only use this in the morning, but it makes my skin feel just wonderful! 
Clinique Youth Surge

 This product is something new to me. I have only tried it a couple of times so I don't know exactly what the results will be. I do know that I do not like a heavy moisturizer and this is so light weight! I do think I am going to love it!

Tarte Maracuja Products

This is my night routine. When I first came across this oil, I was very unsure about putting it on my face. I thought it would surely cause breakouts, but that is totally not the case. You wake up with soft skin that is completely refreshed! I also make sure to put it on my neck and even my hands if they need a little TLC.
Philosophy Peel System
I use this every couple of weeks. It makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. I also think it allows my other products to penetrate better into my skin. I love this product!


  1. My skincare routine is very minimal, and I have recently been thinking I should get it together. I'm 28.5, so not far behind you on the journey to 30! I pretty much wash my face 2x a day and put on moisturizer (spf for day, non-spf for night), and use Bare Minerals make up. You will have to let us know if the routine makes a difference for you!

  2. It's a surprise that I have used one of these products, Clinique youth serge. I used it once and I was really very impressed. I don't say my good words to just any products too soon. And that's what it should be. Thank you for sharing skin care routine.

    Alison Clarke
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