Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday How To - Wear Bright Lipstick to Work

Good Morning! I am going to start something new this week - How To Tuesdays. I will take a challenge (such as how to wear bright lipstick in a corporate environment and still look professional) and come up with my version of a solution. If anyone has any ideas they would like for me to try out let me know and I will be your test dummy :-)

I never wear red lipstick, but the other day I thought why not give it a shot. So hear is my "How To" wear it to work and still look polished:

· You want the lip to be the focus so:
     *Keep all other makeup to a minimal.
     *Keep your hairstyle simple

· If you are going with bright lips, keep your clothing choices simple. You don't want your blouse to be competing for attention. Here I chose a simple navy tunic with just a little detail done in a neutral tan and paired it with white trousers. The lips remain the focus.

· Keep accessories to a minimal. A simple earring and set of gold bangles is all you really need with a bright lip in a professional environment.

· If you want a little something extra with the outfit, I would suggest doing so with your shoes. They are the furthest away from your lips so they will not compete as much. I chose to keep it simple with some bronze shoes that paired back nicely with the detail in the top and earrings.

Inspiration: Red Lips - Mary Kay Lipstick

The Extras:

· Tunic - Old
· White Trousers - Victoria's Secret
· Pumps - Victoria's Secret
· Bangles - Local boutique
· Earrings - old

What are your style rules when it comes to wearing a bright lip?

XOXO  --- Misty


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  1. Super cute outfit!! Love the bracelet too!

  2. I love that the lips are the focus for everything. I even adds a little flair to an outfit of all neutrals instead of jewelry or a scarf.

  3. Love your top. Gorgeous. Visiting from the link up. Would love it if you stopped by and said hello on my blog.




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