Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspired My Style Link Up - The Movie Greece

I love the simplicity of this outfit. Simple boyfriend jeans, t-shirt, jacket, flats and of course red lips. I mean it doesn't get easier than that. This combination could be done in so many ways and so easily transformed because you can mix and match so many different accessories to change the feel of it. I mean what would go with these classic pieces? Here I took the movie Greece for inspiration and ran with it. Have you seen Greece? It is such a great movie! One of my all time favorites!

Inspiration: The movie Greece

The Outfit:

PS - I know the quality of these pictures isn't the best, but my DSLR is at the camera doctor so I am having to use my OLD digital camera :-) Just hang in there with me for a bit longer!


So what has inspired your style lately? Today is the second inspire my style linkup! Linkup your post here and tell us what inspired your outfit! Inspire me too! I will pick one of the linked up post as inspiration for an outfit and feature it in the next link up! Bloggers are the most amazing source of inspiration so link up any type of outfit whether it is for work, date night, casual - doesn't matter! Let's see them all.


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2 - Linkup a recent post. Doesn't have to be today's post, but within the last week or two.
3 - Link back to my page so all of this makes since. Plus it is nice to spread the word. The more linkups the more inspiration we have!
4 - Get inspired yourself! Check out the posts and see if you find any inspiration for your next outfit!




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