Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skater Skirt and Blue Plaid

We went out to eat Saturday night for an early Father's Day lunch. We really just wanted to get little man out of the house becasue he was so sick all of last week! It was terrible as his mommy and not being able to help him or make him better! I was going on like 3 hours of sleep each night for a week so I look horrible and completely drained in the photos. I decided to put in a little effort and wear this skater skirt from TOPSHOP. I love how it fits and is so comfortable!

Destination: Early Dinner

Inspiration Piece: Skater Skirt - TOPSHOP.

The Extras:

  • Plaid Shirt - Gap
  • Shoes - Old
  • Bag - QVC


My little man helping me eat my salad!
Style Elixir


  1. Love this outfit! So simple yet feminine.

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  2. I adore this Outfit. Great Skirt.

    Stop by when you can and I am still waiting for you to write up the feature for "Meet & Greet".


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