Saturday, July 20, 2013

Polka Dots


Silk Polka Dot Top  //  White Skirt  //  Bag  //  Bubble Necklace - Ebay  //  Shades  //  Shoes - Old
I know I look super happy in these photos. Probably because for some reason when I decided to set my tripod up in attracted an audience. Normally just a passer by or so will look at me like "what is she doing," but this person stopped and STARRED. I mean it made me feel very awkward so I hurried up and the result is less than perfection to say the least. I do love this outfit even though in some of the photos I have noticed my shirt is not tucked in all that well. I have been on a skirt kick here lately! Maybe because it is like 100 degrees out every day and this Alabama humidity can really knock you down! What is your favorite look to combat the heat?


  1. I hate gawkers!! I totally hurry things up too :)
    This is a super cute outfit though...I love the necklace up against the polka-dot top!

    Natasha ~

  2. Haha! I hate when that happens! You would think that since we live in a world full of "selfie-takers" that it would not be something to stare at... But you never can tell these days. I love this outfit. I need to get me a necklace like that... Great styling!

    Elise @ Everyday Elise


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