Thursday, January 15, 2015

Relaxed and Comfortable

Not sure why I picked the dip in the driveway to stand on. It must have been a crazy morning and I was running late or the kids were screaming. Most likely both were happening, but I can't complain. I love my crazy life. Crazy days like this call for simple outfit that require little to no thinking. This outfit is a prime example of that. Simple flats, relaxed skinny jeans, and casual sweater create the perfect outfit for crazy days. 

Remember me talking about my Loft obsession? Well these jeans are from their as well. Oh and this sweater. They are perfection. If a skinny jean and a boyfriend jean produced an offspring... this would be it. If you are looking for an alternative to a boyfriend these are it!

I took these before work a couple of weeks ago by myself since my usual photographer (aka my hubs) was already gone for work. It is way to dark to take them when I get off work so I have to improvise. I did get a remote for my camera, but I haven't had time to really play with it yet. 

Any tips on taking outfit photos? I really want to document my daily outfits so I can see what works best on me.

Relaxed Skinny Jeans  //  Cognac Flats - Old (similar here)  //  Sweater  //  Necklace - old
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  1. this is such a cute casual outfit. I love the details - rolled jeans, sleeves peeking out, and necklace.


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