Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Before & After - A Journey in Progress

That before picture seems like so long ago instead of only 11 months ago. I can't believe Adison is already 10 months old. I just don't know how or why time goes by so fast but I am definitely soaking up every moment.

It is no secret that with both of my pregnancies I blew up quicker than a hot air balloon. I managed to lose the weight with Peyton rather quickly; however, with Adison it seems to be sticking around a little longer (crazy because I gained 100 lbs with Peyton and 80 with Adison). I have lost 60 of those pounds and I am determined to lose this last 20 lbs! No it isn't easy, but I know that it will be so worth it when I finally hit my goal (and not to mention fit into all of those prepregnancy clothes hanging in my closet!).  
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  1. You look stunning in both. Congrats! Love the boots.


  2. You look great! I wouldn't even guess that you still have 20lbs to lose!


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