Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Fresh Start

It has been a while since I have written on this little space of mine. I think I got away from what I originally started this blog for which was a way to document my life as I balance the many hats of being a working wife and mother. I got hung up on one aspect and lost sight of who I really am, so I think I got burned out. 

Truth is - I LOVE to blog. I love sharing my journey, but I have to share my entire journey and not just what I wear and this blog was turning into a fashion blog (and not a very good one ;-)). 

So from here on out this blog will go back to where I had originally intended it to go. I want this to be a source of inspiration for all working women. I want my little space to add value (how little that may be) to others people's lives.

So while fashion will still remain a part of this blog (because it is a part of me), I will also incorporate other areas of my world as well. I will talk about  ALL of my passions - Faith, Family, Fashion, Food, & Fitness.

I want to share about my triumphs and failures as I learn to cook and provide my family with yummy (hopefully!) meals. 

I want to share about my fitness journey as I continue to closer to my fitness goals.

I want to share about my journey as a Beachbody coach (on top of my full time job) as my passion is to help other women become confident and find their own success in their fitness goals.

I want to share my journey as a mom and a wife.

I want to share my journey in faith as I strive be an example for my children.

And of course I want to share my outfits as I move between corporate world, to parks, to workouts.

I want to share how I make it work - in all its craziness.  

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