Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas and I LOVE traditions. There is just something about carrying the traditions on through the years that just makes me all warm inside. Now that I have my own little family I have been trying to find new traditions to incorporate into our Christmas routine that Alex and I can share with the kids! Here are a few of my favorite ones!

One of my favorite traditions is getting a new cookbook for every special occasion. This Christmas Alex added to my Pioneer Woman collection with her new Dinnertime cookbook. I must say I am obsessed with it! I absolutely adore Ree Drummond. I have also been obsessing over her new collection of dinnerware at Wal-Mart. I think I will be adding a set (or two!) to my existing plates!

I was playing with the settings on my camera and I am digging this look!

Peyton helped Alex wrap my presents and he wrote "Mommy" all by himself! I am so proud of my little smarty pants!

I told Alex to get milk and cookies for Santa and this is what he came back with! Silly Daddy (as Peyton would say) doesn't know that we have a special plate and mug for Santa?

See? Mommy is a sucker for cute Christmas plates and mugs!

Ever since the kids were born we wanted to start having our own little family dinner on Christmas Day. We went through a bunch of different menu ideas and everything just seemed, well, already done. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve we are always on the go to a family member's house where they have ham, turkey, and all the fixings AND we just didn't want to do the same thing again. 

So we decided on doing homemade pizza! The kids love it, it is completely customizable, and they get to help with making the dough, rolling the dough, and layering on their favorite toppings.

This year we went simple with a rustic style pepperoni (extra pepperoni!) pizza. It was so yummy and so much fun to do!

These are just some snapshots of our Christmas! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and have a wonderful 2016!

PS - I would love to hear what your Christmas traditions are!

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